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Bag Filter Manufacturers

Hose Bag Type Pulse Jet Filter

The hose bag type pulse jet filter is used for the control of the air pollution. The efficient bag filter enhances the quality working hours of the plant and also very determined factor in the work ability of the people concern. The bag filter is so prefer high quality as far as the health and hygiene are concerned for the persons and machines respectively.

The product is very costly for many industries. This product is recovered from the exhaust gas. It is important for the pollution control as well as recovery of the particulate. For these two aspects, various methods are used like Cyclones, ESP, venture scrubbers, bag filters, multi dust collectors etc.

The selection of the bag filter is very important for the quality filtration.

The unwanted particles are removed from the gas. These procedures improve the quality of the air. The bag filter is an industrial filter collecting the powder form of the product is retained from the exhaust gas. The industrial product is very costly so the highly efficient bag filter is necessary for the filtration.

Sometimes it’s seen the filter bag choke-up during the procedure. And it result the higher blower electric consumption. It leads the reduced air flow rate. The plant can’t run effectively due to the choke-up.

Our experts know the hurdles and to overcome all the hurdles they have scientifically elaborated the design methodology. We offer the bag filter under our “quality assurance plan” to give evenness of the quality.

  • Heavy construction with stiffeners.
  • The entry of the raw gas is with the proper baffle plate.
  • Venture and cage assembly are very efficient.
  • The filter operation is fully automatic.
  • For the temperature above250 degree c, we provide the APH/economizer.
  • The maintenance and installation of the bag are so simple and easy.
  • Modular central and compact design is available.
  • Applicable to gas volume up to 2,00,000m3/hr

Application :-

The hose bag type pulse jet filter has its special importance in the air pollution control systems. The bag filters are used in various industries. It is used in cement industries, textile industries, carbon industries etc. the bag filter has its application in fume extractions, iron steel, boiler application, powder cleaning, furnaces and foundries and in many industries for air pollution control.

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